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    History in the making

    Thank you for choosing to discover how Comté has become the prestigious, delicious cheese that it is today.
    To reveal each piece of the amazing story, simply move your cursor around the cheese wheel opposite in a clockwise direction, starting from the black and white picture. As it passes over each segment, the title of the page will appear above the wheel. If you click on that segment, the Comté story will unfold right here before your eyes.
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    At the heart of village life for over ten centuries

    For more than ten centuries, villagers of Jura Massif, Eastern France have lovingly crafted a unique and delicious cheese: Comté. This stunning region of mountains stretches between Jura and Doubs in the Franche-Comté region, and Ain in the Rhones-Alpes region, and is home to over 3,000 family farms dedicated to producing the highest quality of raw milk that is required to create Comté cheese. Today it is not only loved by millions of people in France, but all over world.